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Breastfeed or Bottle Feed?

Breastfeed or bottle feed is the common consideration for every pregnancy mothers. Some mothers may not be able to breastfeed due to various reason or situation. For instance, one of the most common reasons could be breast infection that is uncomfortable and painful for the nursing mother. Besides that, mothers who were suffering from illnesses would not be able to breastfeed even if they wanted to. Other reasons could be because of insufficient breast-milk production, inverted nipples, babies who have difficulty in sucking or inability to digest breast milk. Here are the some benefits of breastfeeding or bottle feed that I found from Mychild Magazine (March 2010).

Some of the benefits of breastfeeding:
• Breast milk is free!
• Breast milk contains just the right types and balance of nutrients needed for the baby to grow, which some of them cannot be found ij infant formula.
• The natural antibodies found in breast milk help to fight off infection in babies, therefore keeping them healthier through growth.
• Research has shown that breastfed b babies develop faster than formula-fed babies.
• By breastfeeding, the nursing mother will get to lose her pregnancy weight at a quicker rate than a non-breastfeeding mother.

Some of the pros in bottle-feeding:
• Promotes bonding between the baby and father through feeding times.
• Others can take over the care of the baby easily, such as grandparents or relatives, thus allowing further bonding amongst family members.
• The mother can get her rest when needed.
• The amount of milk that the baby consumes can be monitored every time.
• Infant formula is not as quick to digest compared to breast milk, so the baby will need less feeding and may sleep for longer hours.

Some of the cons:

• Infant formula can be expensive!
• Babies can get infected from unproperly cleaned bottle and teats.
• Infant formula does not contain the natural antibodies found in breast milk that can protect the bay from germs and bacteria.
• Constipation is a common problem with babies on infant formula.
• Regular feeding on a specific time structure could make the baby over-weight in the long-term.

From above, we know that breastfeed benefits the both child and mother more than the bottle feed. Breast milk is the most natural and perfect source of nutrition for a new born baby. Hence, every mother has to appreciate that the god has gave her a best present in nursing our innocence angel- new born baby.

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Planning fun activities for kids

What are the characteristics of high quality activity? When you are planning activities for kids you have to maintain a balance between fun and objectives meet while planning your teaching lesson. It is an important practices for teachers those who becoming to a professional educators in the early childhood field. I had been teaching children for 1 year before; here are the reflections of my teaching against what I have learnt in my study:

Make it interactive. Children like to do things which can interactive with their peers. This is important point for teacher’s teaching, if your teaching is always base on teacher centre approach, it will bored the child and the objectives may not be met in the end of the lesson. Engage children by asking them question, encourage discussion and debate in the classroom all the time is some of the ways to hold the children’s attention span.

Keep it hands on. If children can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, and hear it, they are much better in learning new concepts and knowledge. Allow children to explore and use their senses to experience independently, leading them to understand more readily. In other words, children’s play is a form of learning.

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Developmentally appropriate practice (DAP). It offers to age appropriateness and child appropriateness. Provide activities and tasks for individual child to develop his/ her self-confidence through experiences of succeed in their works. Observe children all the times, listen to what children like exactly, and stimulating practices in different stage of child development must be provide by teacher.

Stay within your means. Know exactly what u can do and what u cannot do in or out of the classroom within your means. For example, if u are going to bring your nursery children to have a fun in playground, u may have a sense of how to manage them well. When in doubt, get the helps from parents volunteering or assistant teacher. If u go beyond your means, u may stressed out and no one is likely to see the injuries happened.

Have Fun! Teacher must plan activities that are enjoyable, attractive and creativity for children. Sometimes, let children to do things without rules and instructions by teachers are important for children’s healthy growth. Always remember, children are learning through play!

In the nut shell, learning can be fun when we put effort into planning activities for children in the classroom. Wish all early childhood educators all the best!


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